Kendall Jenner Thankful for Cereal, Misses Out on Endorsement!

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Kendall Jenner was in the mood for a bowl of cereal, but she thought there was none in the pantry. Lucky for her, she investigated a little more deeply and much to her surprise, she found not one, but three boxes of her favorite!

Okay, so this is how the Kardashian family lives. Somehow tweeting must be hereditary because the following Kendall Jenner tweet could have come from Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney Kardashian too:

The dead giveaway that this tweet was from Kendall and not from her older half-sisters is that there was no product endorsement. See, if Kris Jenner was smart, she would have Kendall Jenner tweeting that she was all out of Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, or Cap’n Crunch.

Goodness knows this would have been a nice paycheck. Plus Kendall would never have to worry about going to the pantry to find her favorite cereal down to the last three boxes again. Think ladies, think…use your brand!

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