Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Video: Sextape (VIDEO)

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The former Playboy bunny, Kendra Wilkinson is now married with a baby, but the 24 year old wasn’t always. When she was 18 she made a sex video with her boyfriend at the time, Justin Frye.

Apparently the ex boyfriend though about selling the tape after they broke up, but Vivid Entertainment has said that the video was sold to them and they had been interested in “Kendra Exposed” from the time it was announced.

Poor Kendra, no matter what your past is (Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, Playboy model, etc) it would be a hard thing to see your sex tape come out right in front of you. Especially now that she is married and with a baby; who wants that reputation?

When asked about the video Kendra said, “Of course we had sex like every couple does and every now and then we would videotape it. There’s a lot of couples who dod that. At that time I wasn’t a celebrity. I didn’t even know I was going to become a celebrity.”

So this is a lesson to all you women. Don’t let your boyfriend videotape y’all having sex because who knows if you’re going to stay with him, or if your going to become a celebrity!!

Check out the video of the ladies The View have to say about it.


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