Kendra Wilkinson gets serious on ‘DWTS’

Kendra Wilkinson is getting down to business as she heads toward the Dancing with the Stars finals. The Playboy model is ready to focus 110 percent on her dancing and to really bump up her potential.

“It’s time toKendra2006 get stuff done. No B.S. Get it done. Come here and just be proactive and not just sit around. It’s real do or die time now. It’s any of us now. It’s all about who can survive physically and mentally,” she tells PEOPLE.

She will be dancing the Tango on tonight’s show, and she’s very confident. She has been doing very well, but as she says, really any of the contestants could go home tomorrow night. Sometimes it comes down to popularity, which Kendra seems to have in the bag, but when it comes down to talent, she’s really going to have to push herself.

Wilkinson was an early favorite, and many people thought that she would win the Mirror Ball Trophy this season. Now she is faced with some pretty stiff competition, and she just needs to do her best to stay in the game!

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