Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett at the Super Bowl

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Kendra Wilkinson is married to Hank Baskett of the Indianapolis Colts. Kendra Wilkinson was seen bawling as she ran out of the Super Bowl Stadium with Wilkinson’s and Baskett’s baby wrapped up in a blanket. When the snooping cameras witnessed the crying Kendra Wilkinson, rumors started flying. Was Kendra Wilkinson crying because the Indianapolis Colt’s lost the Super Bowl? Was Kendra Wilkinson crying because her husband, Baskett made a vital mistake during the Super Bowl and could have possibly enhanced the Colt’s losing the Super Bowl. According to Kendra Wilkinson on her Twitter account, Wilkinson posted “I wasn’t cryin cuz of the damn game it’s cuz the paparazzi have no soul. They wouldn’t leave me n family alone!!! People like to twist this stuff we asked them to stop cuz of the baby n they were way too close n they didn’t care at all!!!” It must be incredibly difficult to enjoy life for Kendra Wilkinson as well as other celebrities in the lime light. These celebrities cannot just relax or even have a bad moment in life without cameras. Paparazzis are just rude and insensitive in my opinion, so what do you think of the paparazzi’s rudeness?

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