Kendra Wilkinson New Sex Tape With a ‘Girl Next Door’? Not Exactly

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A Kendra Wilkinson sex tape is rumored to be coming soon to an Internet website near you — only this time it’s a lesbian encounter with a friend. The former Girl Next Door star is said to be shopping for the highest bidder for this one. Here we go again.

Call her sleazy, money-hungry, loose, or a gold-digger. It doesn’t matter because this Girl Next Door star is proving that she knows how to work a crowd, or at least a wallet.

She became famous, like many others along the same route, (can you say Kim Kardashian?) becoming a self-made A-Lister by selling a sex tape.

Coupled with a stay in the Playboy Mansion, and a reality television role, making a sex tape ain’t all bad, right?

Kendra Wilkinson’s newest sex tape is reportedly with her friend Taryn Ryan, an acquaintance of Justin Frye. Recall that Mr. Frye was the co-star in the first tape with Wilkinson.

Wilkinson is said to have been livid about Frye’s plans to release the first sex tape to Vivid Entertainment, but after being promised a hefty payday, she inked the deal.

So, why stop there? It appears that she isn’t because sex-tape number 2, featuring explicit sexual scenes with Wilkinson and Ryan, is on the way.

The Kendra Wilkinson sex tape is said to be long (nearly 2 hours), and features the two friends engaging in a bevy of acts without leaving anything to the imagination.

The Girls Next Door star, at times, appears to be shy and unassuming. But Wilkinson is rapidly becoming the new version of Jenna Jamison as the video vixen queen.

Note: Taryn Ryan is married, but her husband refused to comment on the matter.

Will you watch the new sex tape? Have women who dream of the big life resorted to exploitative efforts by any means to gain stardom and a hefty paycheck?

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