Kendra Wilkinson Sells her sex tape through tears of joy!

Kendra Wilkinson is such a wonderful actress that’s it is hard to believe anyone doesn’t believe her through her tears.  On this video we see the honest, true Kendra Wilkinson.

She apologizes through her tears as she laughs at the fact that she’s crying while all the while she’s laughing.  She’s laughing and she’s a sick person.  Just as she’s getting her life back together she had to get filthy rich by having sex in front of millions.

But maybe the reason she is crying is that Paris Hilton has more sales of her sex tape than Kendra Wilkinson trying to get her pathetic but filthy rich life back together. In the video below the comical interview on E Online with Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is so bad it’s funny.

Does Kendra Wilkinson believe anyone believes her including her husband?  No.  She’s selling the sex tape and as long as she’s selling people are buying, but she has a long way to go, even though sale of her Kendra Wilkinson sex tape is brisk, to catch Paris Hilton. Vivid Entertainment is the distributor of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape.

You go girl! Kendra also says this video is going to make her and hubby Hank Baskett better parents. Okay!

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