Kendra Wilkinson SEX TAPE Destroying Marriage?

Premiere Of The Bounty Hunter - Outside ArrivalsVIVID Entertainment’s announcement that they will released Kendra Wilkinson’s Orgy Sex Tape titled “Kendra Exposed” at the end of this month has the taken it’s toll on the blond beauty’s marriage.

According to Life & Style, Wilkinson’s husband  Hank Baskett feel furious and embarrassed but to top it off is the fact that Wilkinson had tried to secretly shop the tape(s) herself just 18 months earlier AFTER Hank had proposed. The tape VIVID has of Kendra is suppose to show her having sex with multiple partners aka an ORGY.

An source from the E! Network which airs Wilkinson’s reality series “Kendra” said, “Hank is totally upset and embarrassed. He’s so angry… The main reason he’s embarrassed is his team’s [possible] reaction. He needs to concentrate on his career right now, and this just creates more distractions for him.

Celebrity sex-tape broker, Kevin Blatt, told Life & Style:“Kendra’s sex tape was shopped to me two years ago. It was done by a person who said he was Kendra’s manager.”

Karissa Shannon, one of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends said, “I know Hank will be pretty upset.”

This could be a devastating blow to Wilkinson’s marriage, one that they may or may not recover from. I can see why Hank would be upset… having the sex tape sold in the first place is embarrassing enough but to learn later that your own wife secretly tried to sell it herself AFTER she’d said, “YES, I want to spend forever and make a life with just you!!!” (but wait I want the world to see me getting laid with a ton of other people)… OUCH…

Wilkinson and Baskett’s one year anniversary is less than a month away, let’s hope they make it.






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