Kendra Wilkinson Sextape Video Best Selling Sex Tape Ever for Vivid

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Kendra Wilkinson sextape video is now the best-selling sex tape of all time for Vivid Entertainment. Vivid gave us the Kendra Wilkinson sextape video along with other hot releases such as “Kim Kardashian Superstar.”

Despite Kim Kardashian’s awesome ASSets, the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape video is number one. “Kendra Exposed” was puportedly made when the 24 year old E! star was just 18 years old. Apparently Wilkinson attempted to block the release of the sex tape. After negotiations, Wilkinson will get up to 50 percent of the profits from the sex tape.

Before the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape video, Kim Kardashian starred in the hottest Vivid Entertainment sex tape. Kardashian appeared with her former boyfriend Ray-J in the 2007 sex tape. She also tried to block its release. Ultimately, the sex tape catapulted Kim Kardashian into stardom including her own reality television show. According to CBS News, Kardashian’s settlement with Vivid was for a cool $5 million.

Is the Kendra Wilkinson sextape video an honest mistake from a young girl or a calculated career move? Either way, it seems sex tapes have become an effective way to gain media attention and earn big bucks. In days gone by, these women were criticized for being dumb. It seems to me they are actually very savvy businesswomen.

Here is YouTube video of hot shots of Kendra Wilkinson:


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