Kendra’s Second Sex Tape Surfaces – Lesbian Themed

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Are Kendra’s sex tapes going to start surfacing left and right, now that the first one made its way through to being bought and released?  Kendra now has another sex tape (and probably many many more) but this time Kendra is getting intimate with another woman according to Radar Online.  Must be the need for variety, for the viewers of course.

The name of Kendra’s sex partner on the new tape is named Taryn, and an ex-boyfriend confirmed the making of the sex video between the two.

Sources that have seen the tape, confirmed the use of sex toys and explicit positions that Kendra may be embarrassed about.  Vivid Entertainment, the owners of Kendra’s first sex tape, Kendra Exposed, supposedly has the lesbian sex tape in their possession.  So, this second sex tape could possibly be released down the road as part of a Kendra sex tape series.

Kendra, after putting up a fake fight about the first sex tape being released, is in on the deal and making 50% of the profits.  Kendra’s ex, Justin Frye who released the tape to Vivid made about $100,000 off the sale and will make a cut of the profit as well.

Kendra Exposed is to be released by Vivid on May 28th.  No word yet about the second tape or if Kendra will put up another fight – maybe the money’s too good!


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