Kennedys and Obamas at War: Caroline Kennedy says Obama is a ‘Liar’

In a new Obama book Caroline Kennedy calls Obama a liar. The Kennedys were just gushy about Obama in 2008, and Obama received mega endorsements from the powerful Kennedy clan, but now, not so much.

What happened? Barack Obama forgot his friends after he became President. So much so that he forgot to invite the Kennedy clan to his events sending Ethel Kennedy into rage where she reportedly turned over furniture.

Much to Caroline Kennedy’s dismay, she can’t seem to support anyone if she can’t support Obama. Calling the President of the United States a liar, Caroline is furious. Is it true? Is Obama a liar? How do I count the ways!

According to The Blaze, “And guess what: ‘the Obamas know that she has nowhere else to go, so they see no point in being nice to her.’” Read all about it in Edward Klein’s new book.

So after taking the needed support of the Kennedys, Obama snubbed them. He doesn’t need them anymore, or so he thinks. They all deserve each other in my humble opinion. In the opinion of Bill Clinton he says that Obama is an amateur, so as an amateur and a liar, I say we vote for Mitt Romney!

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