Kenny Chesney Talks About Flooding in Nashville; Appeals for Help for the City

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney appeared briefly tonight via telephone on Anderson Cooper 360. His message? Nashville his hurting.

“So many people are suffering and have lost so much. We have people who need toothbrushes. People have lost everything,” Chesney said. He touched on recent disasters in Haitii and added that this one was right here, in the U.S. Chesney said the flooding has cost many lives and many their livelihood.

Chesney said the damage to the city had spread across all sectors: music, tourism and even sports, with the Titans LP Field being flooded up to the first few rows of bleachers. The Opryland Hotel, a major draw for conventions to the city, is expected to be closed for four months.

Chesney and Cooper both referred to a woman who tearfully recalled watching her husband try to rescue their daughter, only to see them washed away.

Many homeowners in Nashville were not located in the flood plain and, therefore, did not have any flood insurance. On top of that, many jobs have been lost.

Tennessee is the volunteer state. We send lots of young women and men to fight for our country in every way. We opened our doors to accept refugees from Hurricane Katrina when many states delayed offering help.

If you would like to help flood victims, call your local red cross and make a contribution earmarked for Nashville flooding.

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