Kenny Chesney’s Home Hit Hard By Flood

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The floods in Middle Tennessee didn’t discriminate against the wealthy as evidenced by this amazing shot of Kenny Chesney standing on what was part of the stairway leading into his Nashville-area home.   Kenny was out of town over the past weekend and could not access the area leading to his house until Wednesday.  For the moment it’s clear that Kenny has lost a lot of personal property and effects, and as the waters recede it may become clear that he’s lost his home.

Kenny’s publicist, Holly Gleason,  reports that it’s likely his house will be condemned given that waters consumed the first floor.  Chesney’s gym is ruined.  He also lost all of his sports memorabilia, including items from when he was in high school as well as professional sports items and pictures with friends who are athletes.

Kenny spent over 5 minutes on the phone with CNN’s Anderson Cooperduring his AC360°show Wednesday night.  During the interview, Kenny was quick to point out that he’s “lost a lot, but not near as much as a lot of people.”  He went on to say that “the things I lost, I can replace.  But there are people here that have lost their lives and their livelihood.”

Kenny shared some incredible video footage he shot of the scene he came home to during the CNN segment.  “This is a tight community, it’s sad to see this happen here.”  Kenny also made a plea that “people need help here, give whatever you can, people have lost everything…they just need the bare essentials.”

He seems to be taken this pretty well considering he lost everything, even his high school memorabilia.  I don’t know if I would hold up as well.  Yeah…  He can pretty much afford anything he wants, but he lost memories he can never replace.  At least he has his life and friends.


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