Keri Hilson Wardrobe Malfunction?! Nipples Exposed

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Keri Hilson had a wardrobe malfunction on Thursday night as she exposed her nipples to the red carpet, the cameras, and the world. Yep, Keri let it all hang out in New York.

Note to Keri, undergarments (in this case a bra) are a girl’s best friend. Apparently, Keri Hilson was in such a hurry to get to the Hennessy Wild Rabbit launch event that she forgot to put that bra on, underneath her very sheer top. Perhaps she was just drinking too much Hennessy before the event. In any case, Hilson’s goods were exposed to the world in the most revealing wardrobe malfunction of the week.

Poor Keri Hilson, who must not have realized that when the flashbulbs start to pop, you can see her entire chest in all of its glory exposed to the world. Apparently, Hilson got the clue later in the evening. Someone threw a shawl over the singer for pictures later on. Still, the damage was done on the red carpet. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction meeting a fashion emergency!

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