Kerry Humphrey Arrested in Connection to the Murder of Kenia Monge

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Kerry Humphrey is a new face to this case, considering Travis Forbes already confessed to the sexual assault, murder, and disposal of 19-year-old Kenia Monge. However, in a shocking twist, it’s been revealed that she is involved in the girl’s murder.

Sources report that 23-year-old Kerry Humphrey was arrested in connection with the murder of Kenia Monge on October 5th. From the look of this woman’s mugshot, she doesn’t seem to give a damn that she’s just been arrested and implemented in a pretty disturbing crime. Maybe she doesn’t care, but she certainly looks like a sociopath. Police are refusing to release the details, says the source above, but there is plenty of room for speculation.

However, a myriad of other sources are releasing the details of why she was arrested. As it turns out, Kerry Humphrey is the girlfriend of Travis Forbes, the man who admitted to raping and murdering Kenia Monge before burying her in a shallow grave. So what kind of woman associates herself with an admitted rapist and murderer? Now you know who.

As it turns out, Kerry is accused of lying to investigators and intentionally trying to influence a public official. She sure sounds like a winner! What could Kerry seriously lie about to protect a man who not only admitted to raping and murdering Kenia Monge, but another woman in Fort Collins as well? Sounds like another Karla Homolka, if you want an honest opinion.


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