Kevin Costner Eulogy at Whitney Houston Funeral – Video Available Online

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The Kevin Costner eulogy at Whitney Houston’s funeral has been made available, showing the actor’s tribute to the late singer. The video shows the humor and emotion that Costner brought to the church during the service.

The video clip of Kevin Costner at the Whitney Houston funeral was made available on the Fox news site. Fox had live look-ins during the funeral earlier on Saturday. The new video clip is just over 17 minutes and shows Costner speaking from the heart at the pulpit in front of the choir. It’s clear from his eulogy that he shared much in common with the late pop singer, too.

During parts of Costner’s speech, one can see the laughter his speech brings as he recalls stories from The Bodyguard movie and his childhood. There are also more somber moments when he remembers the sweet and talented singer that is now lost. This is all witnessed by the emotions on the faces seated behind Mr. Costner during his talk.

Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston had a great relationship that began with their work together in The Bodyguard. Today, Costner made an excellent choice for a speaker at the funeral. His speech was well-delivered, and it can now be reviewed by those who missed Whitney Houston’s funeral earlier. View the Fox News video clip below from YouTube or the fuller clip here at Fox. What did you think of Costner’s eulogy today at the funeral?

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