Kevin Jonas’ Wedding Planned Down to Every Last Detail…With the Exception of Dinner!

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As noted in one of my previous posts, the wedding of Kevin Jonas was set up to be something you’d see in a fairy tale.  The setting was the stunning Oheka Castle on Long Island, and the reception room was adorned with every white flower imaginable.  Page Six’s Cindy Adams noted some of the more intriguing details in her column:

Kevin Jonas‘ I Do at Oheka Castle in Long Island was in a white tent with more flowers — white roses, white chrysanthemums, white orchids — than for John Gotti’s funeral. And with glorious crystal beads that looked like snowflakes hanging from birch trees. The 6-foot elaborate cake bore a crown at the top. Bride Danielle Deleasa wore Vera Wang. Female invitees were given Dolce and Gabbana pashmina shawls to protect from the chill. All invitees such as Joey Fatone and “American Idol” finalist Jordin Sparks received picture frame mementos bearing their names.

With every detail seemingly painstakingly planned, you might ask yourself what could have possibly been missing.  According to Cindy Adams, it was dinner!  As she put it, with the exception of some hors d’oeuvres, “some guests were still on the highway inching home foodless behind snow ploughs and cop cars at 2 a.m.”
Seems to me there might be an Event Planner job opening at whatever company the Jonas family enlisted for this momentous occasion. 

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