Kevin Smith Airplane controversy – bounced from seat due to size

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Actor and director Kevin Smith was recently told he couldn’t fly on Southwest airlines due to the fact he was too big to fit in a seat.  The Kevin Smith airplane controversy has now raised a lot of controversy and disputes are coming from both sides of this issue.  One side believes that Smith is in the wrong, and should stop crying and just lose weight.  The other side, which is Kevin Smith’s side, is that he realizes he’s fat, but isn’t too fat for Southwest Air, however someone singled him out and deemed that he was unable to occupy the seat. 

Smith wrote a recent blog post in which he discussed how he received a call from someone at Southwest named Linda.  She claimed that the situation was handled really badly.  Smith blogged that he asked for her to put that truth forth that he wasn’t in the wrong.  Linda posted a blog of her own at Southwest’s blog about her conversation with Smith, but never admitted the airline was at fault.  Some have criticized Southwest for a very poor excuse for an apology and vowed never to fly the airlines again.

The Kevin Smith airplane story has been in the news for several days now.  Smith has noted that he probably won’t pursue the argument any further now in his latest blog post called “Running out of gas on this subject” posted on 2/15/10.  If nothing else, it’s brought Kevin Smith’s name into the spotlight and those unfamiliar with Smith’s work might pick up a copy of Mallrats or one of the Silent Bob and Jay DVD’s.

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