Kevin Smith’s Drastic Weight Loss: Sparked by Southwest Airlines?

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Kevin Smith, the director best known for cult comedies such as “Jay & Silent Bob,” “Clerks” and “Mallrats,” recently spoke with Joy Behar about how he’s lost sixty-five pounds in the past year. But was the weight loss sparked by a renewed desire to be fit and healthy, or rather, was it due to a notorious incident from last year when Southwest Airlines removed Smith from a flight, citing safety concerns over an inability to fit in his seat appropriately due to his weight.


Kevin Smith is Too Fat to Fly

It seems that his motivation was a bit of both, as Smith told Behar, “I felt at that moment, I was like, ‘You know what? I’ll lose the weight, but I’m not putting on thinner clothes. Because why? I’m still the same person I was when I was 65 lbs. heavier.”

Smith, who was “baffled” by the airline’s actions last year, took to Twitter and his nearly two million followers to bash the airline at the time. Even a year later – and sixty-five pounds thinner – he’s still angry about the incident, and has become, as he told Behar, “a more forceful advocate for the overweight.”

What do you think about the director’s weight loss? About Southwest’s actions towards him last year?

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