Key in Hand

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Key In Hand

you compel me to write

to express my happiness and admiration -

my need, perhaps, of you -

to be part of your sunshine -

like many others, enthralled

with your preeminent eye

that seems to see what we cannot –

your words elate – make us marvel -

you are the anomaly in a widget world – one of a kind

when you write, you leave a sea of the amazed in your wake -

it’s true, I am there among them

I love what you pen

envy, even, if truth be told

but even more, I admire what you are -

when the rest all swim away

with their little piece of you

to their lives you’ve touched

for a glimmering moment,

I remain, loving what’s left,

knowing what you’ve overcome -

all you’re reticent to share

your tender bits – your vulnerability -

your pride – your need to look life in the eye –

from every fall – landing with your

two feet planted firmly on the ground

when others yank the rug away -

you’ve taken a licking -

yet, keeping on ticking –

it’s me here, standing behind you

waiting, in case you choose to lean on me,

unafraid to bear your weight -

you said I hold the key to places you

sealed from view long ago

I treasure that -

keep it safe and ready,

and if you should

need someone special

to hold your heart again,

I am here -

key in hand

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