KFC Double Down Sandwich: My Review…Two (greasy) Thumbs Up? (Video)

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When I first saw the commercial (see below) for the KFC Double Down chicken sandwich I have to admit I was intrigued.  Or I should probably say my fat boy gene kicked in and I looked up from what I was doing and hit rewind on my DVR.  It usually happens when I hear the word “bacon”.  After watching the commercial again I cringed a little bit, but then thought about what makes up the KFC Double Down.

Throw away the bread in a usual sandwich.  Who needs bread when you can use two boneless fried chicken breasts instead? In between the chicken throw in some cheese, bacon and some sort of KFC special sauce.  How is that not a winning combo?

So then a co-worker challenged me to eat one of these heart attack specials (the convo was basically her saying “you should try that” and me saying “done”).  With the challenge accepted I went and bought a Double Down and before taking a bite proceeded to call 9-1-1 to tell them to expect me.  Apparently they don’t take call ahead reservations so I had to roll the dice and take my chances.



My KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich Review:

My first bites: I found the first few bites pretty tasty especially since I got a good bite of bacon in each of the first couple bites.  It actually has a pretty good spicy kick to it.  I’m not sure if that comes from the spices on the fried chicken or that secret sauce.  But I had to take a few swigs of my Mountain Dew to cool my mouth off. (That’s right. I went with the value meal with a side of potato wedges and a Dew.  Go big or go home is my thinking).

The middle: This thing got messier with each bite as the chicken buns (did I just write “chicken buns”?  Sounds like a Ludacris song) started sliding all over the place and the bacon and cheese squished out the sides.  At this point I can feel my man boobs starting to grow a little bit.  A couple more of these and I’ll need a Manssiere (Bro!!).

The finish: I started to slow way down at the end and had to basically wash down each bite with some Mountain Dew.  But I made it!! With greasy hands and a bloated stomach I really feel gross and I need to wash my hands for about an hour to get the grease off and chug about 6 glasses of water to wash that crap I just ate out of my system.

My overall review is that the KFC Double Down is a good combination of chicken, bacon and cheese but it is way over the top to add chicken breasts as buns.  One chicken breast with the cheese, bacon and special sauce would be plenty.  I give it….

3 out of 5 stars and would probably try it again…after about six beers when I get that craving for all things fried and bacony.

KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich Commerical

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