Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Don’t Need Sex Tips to Prevent Divorce

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are facing tabloid divorce rumors that have their fans extremely worried, but the couple wants everyone to know that they don’t need any help in the form of raunchy sex tips.

The pressure for Khloe to get pregnant might be putting a bit of a strain on her relationship. After all, it’s probably hard to enjoy being intimate when you’re worried about whether or not you’re ovulating. However, Khloe and Lamar definitely aren’t going to divorce because of lackluster lovemaking, and Khloe wants her fans to know that she knows what she’s doing in the bedroom.

According to Contact Music, here’s what Khloe Kardashian told You magazine about fans trying to help her and Lamar Odom make a baby:

”Because of our show, people think they know me and they can tweet me anything. But, hello, sometimes it’s so inappropriate. I mean, they’re describing the positions they’ve, you know, actually used to get pregnant. How am I meant to respond?”

It’s a little surprising that Khloe finds these sex-related tweets offensive since she’s certainly had no problem talking about sex on her show—she obviously doesn’t mind sharing intimate details with millions of people. Khloe was even willing to show the world just how kinky she is by having a sex swing installed in her house on Khloe & Lamar. She and her hubby even tested it out on TV (and they proceeded to break it).

Perhaps Khloe has become a little more sensitive when it comes to talking about sex because she’s finding it so hard to get pregnant. Now that she wants to have a baby, lovemaking is no longer just a recreational act—it has the potential to change her life forever.

So are you surprised that Khloe is offended by sex-related tweets, or does she have a right to be upset?

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