Khloe Kardashian Rejected by Husband as She Tries to Save Marriage

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Last night, Khloe Kardashian watched as Lamar Odom’s former teams faced off in their first game without Lamar on either side. The LA Lakers played and beat the Dallas Mavericks, but Lamar was noticeably missing. According to Hollywood Life, Lamar couldn’t stop watching the game between his two former teams. As he was watching, he was probably seeing his career getting washed down the drain. Not only was he watching a team play that had betrayed him by trading him without his knowledge, but he was also watching the team that didn’t want him. And Khloe could probably see his depression over the game, so she tried to distract him.

But he wasn’t having any of it. According to the source that spoke out to the website, Khloe Kardashian was completely rejected by her husband. She tried to comfort him as she could see him being extremely sad and upset about watching the game, but he didn’t budge. He just watched the game and moped around the house all day. Sure, the man has to grieve and Khloe can’t expect him to have a positive frame of mind just days after losing his job.

While Khloe is trying to get him into couple’s therapy, she needs to put herself in his situation. Lamar has used basketball to cope with his mother’s death and playing on the court is what identifies him. Basketball to him is like what the entire Kardashian family is to Khloe. How would she feel if she lost her entire family? Well, one thing is for sure—she wouldn’t recover in a few days.

Give it time—things will work out, Khloe. Just continue to be a support and let him know you are there.

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