Khloe Kardashian Supports Kim’s Dating Decision

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It appears that Khloe Kardashian has heard the rumors that Kim and Kanye have been hooking up, including a dinner date, a trip to the movies and a sleepover at Kanye’s apartment. Although many thought that Kim Kardashian’s dating stories were rumors, Khloe could have confirmed the stories by expressing her support for the relationship to friends and family. Hollywood Life is reporting that Khloe has expressed support for her sister’s decision to start dating Kanye, as she was not a big fan of Kris.

Khloe attacked Kris Humphries on Twitter yesterday, but she has been very open about her feelings for Humphries. Before the two even got married, she expressed concerns because she didn’t know his motives. In addition, she continued to bash him after the divorce, doing interviews where she protected her sister from his divorce actions. However, it seems she has given her blessings for Kanye and Kim’s new relationship. “Khloe LOVES the fact that Kim has been dating Kanye,” an insider close to the family shares with the website. “First of all, she thinks he is a real catch. He’s creative and really fun to be around.”

But Khloe Kardashian could start being a bit overprotective for her sister for several reasons. For one, she could protect Kim because her decision to date could come back and bite her in the behind because she is not fully divorced. Kris, on the other hand, isn’t dating. “I think Khloe is a bit taken with the fact that he is so famous — but then again, this is one of the reasons Kim likes him so much. The whole celebrity thing really appeals to her,” the source explains, offering other reasons why Khloe may be too overprotective.

Do you think Khloe has a right to be protective?

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