Kidd Kraddick and Scarlett Johansson Dating – Reason for Ryan Reynolds Divorce?

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Rumors have been flying around that morning radio show host, Kidd Kraddick, has been dating Scarlett Johansson.  A major stir was caused not long ago when Johansson split from her Hollywood hunk husband, Ryan Reynolds.  The rumors of the Kraddick and Johansson fling started as a result of a Diddy interview last week, but now the radio host is saying the rumors must stop!

June 13, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - 64th Annual Tony Awards.Radio City Music Hall, carpet arrivals.June 13, 2010.Photos by , Photos Inc 2010.SCARLETT JOHANSSON.K65170SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures According to OK Magazine, it was an interview that Kraddick conducted with Diddy last Wednesday that set this all off.  In the interview, Kraddick joked that he’d make sure everyone headed to iTunes to buy “Last Train to Paris,” the new album from Diddy’s group Dirty Money.  Diddy joked back “Okay I get you some Scarlett Johansson booty immediately!”

Of course that little back-and-forth banter got people talking of a possible Kidd Kraddick and Scarlett Johansson dating scenario.  The fact Kraddick had a picture up of he and Johansson together for his Twitter profile didn’t help either.  Kraddick has been using his Twitter feverishly to make sure the recent gossip and rumors are put to rest.  Earlier on Friday morning, Kraddick tweeted:

This has to stop! Do NOT retweet! >>Wow I can’t believe Scarlett left Ryan Reynolds because of Kidd Kraddick!!! Crazy

Such an insensitive headline. What is wrong with people? I’m so disappointed.

Also, Kraddick had been using a profile picture on Twitter which showed him with Scarlett Johansson.  Due to this, this recent tweet on Friday popped up:

I’ve changed my profile pic to stop these vicious rumors once and for all.

Kraddick also has been using Facebook, where he posted a screenshot of the OK Magazine article linked up above.  It appears Kraddick wants to make sure he’s not blamed for the demise of one of Hollywood’s hottest couples.  Reynolds and Johansson each received magazine awards for being most attractive this past year, and they likely will continue to be past 2010.  Their divorce really has people talking, and now seems to have Kraddick losing his mind.  Do his rants on Twitter and Facebook help or hurt his cause though?


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