Kidnapped Baby Mia Found!

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Baby Mia Thompson, who was kidnapped earlier today has been found. The Amber Alert that had been issued for her was cancelled just before 8 p.m., when the 3-week-old was found alive on a gravel road. She was taken from the backseat of a car, where she was left with her 11-month-old sister, in front of the Toulon, Illinois post office.

Though they are no longer looking for the woman in the yellow sweatpants, authorities now say there are no leads on the identity of the abductor. All family members have been cleared of all suspicions, but the SUV owned by the girl’s mother, Kendra Meaker, is being treated like a crime scene, looking for any piece of evidence that could lead to the person who took baby Mia.

Who is this crazy person? Everyone knows it’s wrong to steal, but to take someone’s child is on a whole new level of wrong. And clearly the kidnapper didn’t have a very solid plan, or why was this tiny baby left on a gravel road? Was this a person who wanted a baby of their own, or someone who intended to sell her?

Either way, Kendra Meaker learned a valuable lesson today. She will never again leave her children alone in a car, or probably anywhere else for that matter. Kendra, everyone makes mistakes. Be more careful next time.

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