Kids and Business: Help Them Create a Roadside Stand

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Kids are always looking for ways to earn their own money. Why not mentor them to go into business for themselves by helping them create their own roadside stands?

Whether you live in the country or in the city, people are always looking for homegrown foods. The trend toward healthier eating has grown consistently in the past few years, with fresh fruits and vegetables among consumer’s favorite options for purchasing homegrown.

According to, backyard farming, micro farming and small scale farming are presently the fastest growing segment in agriculture.

So how can you start to help your kids start a roadside stand of their own? The obvious first step is to grow some food to sell. Maybe you’re lucky and just happen to have apple trees on your property. If so, you’ve got the hard part on your side already. Simply check with your local nursery to see if the fruit is safe to eat, and then proceed with making plans to sell apples in the fall.

Most people aren’t so lucky, and therefore have to plan a garden in order to grow and sell their own food at a roadside stand. This needn’t be complicated. Do be sure to grow vegetables or berry options that are in demand. Everyone loves fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and squash, so these are good options to consider.

Plan to grow foods that are doable, based on your family responsibilities. For example, don’t put in a half acre of crops if you work a full time job and the kids go to camp for three weeks every summer. You do the math. That simply won’t work. Consider the time you have to spend, as well as the ages of your children, and exactly how much muscle they can put into this effort.

Once you’ve planned what you’ll grow, the next part is obvious. Plant it. Grow it. And while you’re waiting, decide how intricate your roadside stand business will be. It can be incredibly simple. Kids can sell tomatoes and cucumbers on a picnic table beside the road. Or it can be a bit more complex. You can create an actual wooden roadside stand (make sure it isn’t a permanent fixture, or you might need a permit) that can be moved to the side of the road during harvest season.

Set your prices to outsmart the local grocery stores and put up handmade signs for advertisement. Be sure to check with your local town or city government to see if a selling permit is required.

Now your kids are set up for a roadside stand business of their own. Sit back, and watch them reap the benefits—not just financially either. They will soon learn the true merit of hard work and perseverance, and you’ll all enjoy fresh foods to eat at the very same time.

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