Kids and Internet Use

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I knew the day would come, and now it has. My kids has realized that there is something else on the Internet than, and

Yesterday I heard the boys laugh at the computer, and I heard them talk about Scooby Doo. They had been watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network, which besides movies and Scooby Doo is the only thing they are allowed to watch on that channel. I knew that there was no Scooby Doo games on any of the sites they are allowed to use and knew about, so I went to investigate. Apparently there had been an advertisement for cartoon network’s website, and my sons had found their way.

Now that the world outside has found its way into our living room, I am wondering what other parents do about safety and Internet use. Besides the looking over your children’s shoulders technique, do you use any special safety programs?

I am curious to hear what all of you do, as I am sure that I am not the only one who worries about what my kids will discover on the Internet.

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