Kids’ Lemonade Stand Robbed by Teens

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How low can teens go than to rob a kids lemonade stand? Those kids were out in front of their house trying to earn some money the old-fashioned way, which is more than can be said for some teens and even adults. For teenagers to turn some fun in the sun into a nightmare for them is horrible. The two boy teens should be ashamed of themselves, and the three teenage girls riding along in the backseat of their car should get some new friends.

The lemonade stand robbed was set up by some kids in the afternoon on June 29 in a neighborhood in Strongsville, Ohio. At 4:20 p.m. an old bright green car stopped by the stand. Those kids probably thought they were about to make a sale. Instead, this is what happened: According to police, “Two teen boys got out of the car and told the children to ‘give them the money’ or they would ‘beat up’ the children.” The children gave up whatever money they had made, which was about $20, and the teens left. The kids reported seeing three girls in the backseat of the car.

Lemonade Stand Robbed – Reaction of Parents

The kids robbed that afternoon were Omar Schpeb, 11, Decklin Walsh, 11, and his sister Maiti, 4. Naturally, their parents are very upset by this incident. Decklin’s mother, April Walsh, said, “As a parent, this is upsetting. This shouldn’t happen at a lemonade stand. It should be simple summer fun and they made it frightening for the kids.”

According to the parents of the kids, the $20 was given to police to make up for the kids’ lost money by an anonymous donor. Either this was someone who heard about the story and felt bad for the kids, or perhaps one of the girls riding in the car that day actually has a conscience.

The children have described the car as an old and rusted green car. Any information on the lemonade stand robbery should be reported to Strongsville Police at 216.238.7373.

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