Kids React to Lady GaGa Making Real Music Critics Sound Like Dummies (Video)

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Lady GaGa may have a lot of adults bamboozled, but kids know exactly how they feel when they’re given a chance to see her in action on the Letterman show. And what they have to say is sometimes more intelligent and insightful then the best music critics.

In the YouTube video below a group of tweens view a clip of Lady G as she acts outrageous with Letterman. She tears up his question list and then proceeds to eat the paper. Kinda weird actually, but then, that’s what her stage personae is all about, right? If she thinks it will win her fans, it has the opposite effect with these bright, articulate children who see right through the hype.

lady gaga david lettermanIn the latter part of the video the kids open up with what their impressions of Lady GaGa really are.

She’s like Madonna. Her music is starting to sound the same. She craves attention. She has huge eyes.

And not one of them knows who the heck David Letterman is. To them, he’s “some guy” or just a “news anchor” type.

Proving once again that kids say the darndest things. Usually the truth…

Here’s the video:

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