Kid’s Thriller Dance on Jumbotron at Mariner’s Game Goes Viral (Video)

A kid at a recent Seattle Mariner’s game was caught on the jumbotron doing the thriller dance and boy, can this little guy shake it! He was obviously enjoying watching himself and the crowd was cheering. The kid, whoever he is, was one Smooth Operator. He obviously knows his Michael Jackson dance steps!

Seattle Mariners logo.svgAnyone who watches the video below and doesn’t smile is devoid of emotion. This kid is destined for some sort of stardom, whether it is 15 minutes worth or a lifetime. He has the moves and the confidence to not only go with the flow but to keep the crowd entertained and wanting more.

There are so few talented people anymore. It’s great to see this jumbotron kid doing his thriller dance with complete assurance in his own skills. Yeah, he maybe young but he’s got some incredible skills. Heck, even Michael Jackson would have been proud and flattered.

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