Kieffer Delp has Twitter Meltdown

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Kieffer Delp has sure stayed in the headlines, even though fans haven’t seen him on Teen Mom 2 in several months and won’t see him for a while. Not only did he leak nude photos of his ex-girlfriend, Jenelle Evans, he even befriended the man who is trying to sue her.

Since then, he has gotten into several Twitter feuds with her. His latest headline is his recent meltdown on the social network! As Celeb Dirty Laundry reports, last night Kieffer tweeted, “F*** EVERYTHING SPECIALLY YOU 117!” When a fan asked him “who pissed in his cornflakes,” Delp replied, “Does this seem like a fucking joke you dumb ass!” He later said, “You can’t beat me and if you walked in my shoes you wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

Kieffer Delp seems to be playing the victim. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who committed the ultimate betrayal (releasing nude photos) of someone he claimed to love. Plus, this guy is known for not doing much other than smoking pot and partying. Does he really expect people to pity him?

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