Kill FarmLife Patch Sorority Wars, Farmville and Fluff on Facebook

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Sorority Wars on Facebook … FarmLife … Fluff … You know, I’ve seen people complain pretty darned loudly here about how Gather has gone to the dogs and how the Enquirer-level articles proliferate and harass down the side of the page.

Y’all haven’t been on Facebook lately, have you? It’s awful. I have a zillion contacts … that’s what happens when you’re involved with ferrets–every single person in the entire world wants to link with you. Each of those people belong to between 1-5 (I’m guessing) applications, which Facebook is oh so happy to help them share with each and every person they know.

I agree with this post I found called “Magnificent Vista“:

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve gotten an invitation to one of the game applications that have proliferated over the past several months. If you haven’t, you will. They are coming for you, and they are legion. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you accept the request that you’ll be free of the annoying invitations, either. Once you add an application, the “invitations” morph into “gifts” that you can use inside the games. Every single Facebook friend that plays the game can send you these little “gifts,” and trust me, they will. Build a farm! Send your friends trees and flowers! Build a mafia, send your friends loot! Build a sorority, send your friends, uh, diseases? It’s incredibly annoying. But the fact is, these games aren’t going away. Zynga, one of the big boys in the social media gaming space, has an estimated $200 million in revenue this year, and EA purchased PlayFish for somewhere between $275 and $400 million. Never doubt the ability of an annoyance to make ungodly sums of money.

I’m tired of all the applications, kisses, hugs, gifts, flowers, plants, sheep, feathers, cats, Mafia Wars, etc. I get no fewer than 45 “requests” a day from various people I’m connected to. At least 25% of which are in a foreign language I don’t understand. I don’t hate you, I just don’t have time to deal with that many requests! Please! LOL!

So the next time I hear someone complaining that Gather is overwhelming them with junk, I’m going to send them a screen shot of my Facebook account.

Oh, and if you’re looking for Lucy Hale, Jason Dolley, Los Echisero de Weverly Place, barbiegames, or Hayley Kiyoko, you can find them on a TV show called “Sorority Wars” … not on Facebook, but maybe soon.

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