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Killer Whale Trainer Footage is a video which shows the death of Dawn Brancheau. Brancheau was a 41 trainer at Sea World Orlando. Dawn Brancheau trained Tillikum or Tilly on a daily basis at the Sea World Orlando. 

Tillikum, a killer whale, grabbed Brancheau right before a Shamu Whale show in Orlando Flordia. Tillikum was agitated right before the show was to start, so he was getting his belly rubbed. The show should have never started if the star killer whale was in a bad mood. I mean, it is a killer whale.

Dawn Brancheau was killed by the whale because of multiple traumatic injuries as well as drowing. As of this time, Killer Whale Trainer Footage is non-existant. Either Sea World is hiding the Killer Whale Trainer Footage or the Shamu Whale Show is non-existant, because it was never taped.

Here is footage from a 2009 incident:



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