Kim Kardashian a Fraud? Beats Kris Humphries in Poll

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Kim Kardashian has been in hot water since her 72-day marriage from Kris Humphries ended. There are several people who feel that the reality star duped the world with her huge wedding that ended sooner than anyone could have predicted.
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In a new poll conducted by The Hollywood Gossip, readers were asked who was a “fraud,” Kim or Kris. With a whopping 83.3%, Kim took home the title. It seems as though people really feel strongly that Kim had her wedding just to make money, and while there are a good amount of people who feel that Kris Humphries just got with Kim for the attention, it is clear that Kim has a lot of people against her—moreso than Kris.

Kim Kardashian has apologized for her failed marriage and while a lot of people feel that she had plenty of warning signs before walking down the aisle, she feels that she went with her heart and just made a big mistake. Regardless of said mistake, Kim isn’t America’s favorite girl right now and being called a “fraud” isn’t something to brag about.

Who do you think is the bigger fraud, Kim or Kris?

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