Kim Kardashian Adoption Plans a Money-making Scheme!

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Maybe Kim Kardashian is jealous of her sister Kourtney being pregnant. Maybe she heard that Snooki was going to have a kid and decided she wanted one, too. Whatever the case, does Kim really want to have a child right now?

According to rumors, Kim Kardashian is in a hurry to have a kid. The tabloids are painting Kim’s wish to have a child, right here and now, as some sort of business move for the brand. Fans want to seem what Kim K would do if she became a mommy, right?

This is what at least one unnamed source tells OK! magazine:

She’s a businesswoman. She always thinks of ways to monetize her life.

Monetize her life? Really? Is this like how she ‘monetized’ her life by marrying Kris Humphries and then divorcing him 72 days later, keeping the wedding gifts in the process?

So here it is, rumors are flying that Kardashian is planning to adopt. Nothing says desperate money grab like getting a rent-a-child, right? Of course, Kim is reportedly interested in adopting an Armenian child…or from Haiti or China… what ever is more convenient, so it seems.

The question here is, if Kim Kardashian does adopt, will she kick the kid to the curb in 72 days after it has served its purpose of making Kim’s brand a little richer. Hopefully, she has more sense than that… or does she?

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