Kim Kardashian and Hubby Enjoy Football Sunday

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Kim Kardashian and her new hubby Kris Humphries spent Sunday afternoon together–cheering on their favorite football teams. The funny thing is–they were cheering for opposite teams! Now this certainly has the potential for disaster, doesn’t it?

According to Celebuzz, the newlyweds hung out with friends at a sports bar in New York City. The New York Giants were playing the Philadelphia Eagles–which must have made for interesting conversation–and maybe even a bit of tension–right in the heart of Giants territory!

It was during the game that Kim shared with her Twitter followers that she and Kris were rooting for different football teams.

“Ok its girls against our men today! Why are we all rooting for opposite teams than our guys!” Kim Kardashian tweeted.

It’s definitely autumn when groups of guys and girls start hanging out on Sunday afternoons watching football. One would imagine, however, that someone like Kim Kardashian would prefer spending the afternoon in a spa or out shopping instead. Maybe she’s trying to find something that she and her new hubby can enjoy doing together. Since they didn’t really know each other too awfully long before tying the knot this summer, they are likely still learning little things about their new life partners.

Do you think Kim Kardashian will spend her entire fall season watching football with Kris on Sundays or do you think this will just be an occasional way to pass the time on Sunday afternoons?

By the way, the Giants toppled the Eagles 29-16. So which team was Kim Kardashian rooting for?

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