Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Being Shunned by Jay-Z and Beyonce?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got majorly dissed by Beyonce and Jay-Z when they attended an Audemars Piguet dinner honoring Carmelo Anthony.

Kimmy got an invite to the dinner at CATCH in NYC because she’s pals with Carmelo’s wife La La, and apparently Bey and Jay were also set to attend the event. However, according to MediaTakeOut, two “snitches” revealed that the couple stayed in their car until Kim and Kanye left. Apparently Beyonce doesn’t want to be seen or photographed with Kim.

Perhaps Kim thought that she and Bey would become besties after she started dating Kanye West because of her new man’s connection to Jay-Z, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Beyonce might not want to be around Kim Kardashian because she feels like the reality show star would be using her for publicity, or maybe she sided with Kris Humphries after he and Kim split since he plays for the NBA team her hubby is part-owner of.

It’s also very likely that MTO’s report isn’t true. It’s entirely possible that Beyonce and Jay-Z weren’t planning to attend Carmelo Anthony’s dinner at all — there don’t seem to be any photos of them at the event on the web. In any event, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce haven’t been spotted doing any kind of female bonding, so perhaps there’s some truth to the rumors that Bey wants nothing to do with Kim.

She might be afraid that Kim is going to try to pressure her and Jay-Z to make an appearance on one of her reality shows, or maybe she thinks that Kim will call the paparazzi to snap photos of the two of them together. Bey seems to value her privacy just a tad more than the Kardashians, so it’s very possible that she’s avoiding the family because of how much tabloid attention they get.

So what do you think – will Kim and Kanye ever go on a double date with Jay and Bey, or is their relationship already doomed because the music industry’s biggest couple doesn’t want to be seen with them?

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