Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dating: Are ‘Kim-Ye’ Products Next?

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Everyone knows Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating. There hasn’t been official confirmation yet but everyone knows. Everyone has known about Kimmy K and Kanye for years now. Their ‘neither confirm nor deny’ attitudes has garnered even more interest in them. And, being media whores, that’s just want Kim and Kanye want. What better way to get free attention and advertising then through gossip columns and websites?

(22x34) Kim Kardashian in Silver Bikini, Photo Print PosterStill, there’s so much more in the works. Being a true marketing genius and business woman, Kardashian has her sights on the skies and her bank account. Naturally, the next step for this Kardashian and West are to sell ‘Kim-Ye’ products. What the heck are those? Most likely they will be cheaply crafted crappy items with a tacky label made to look expensive and sold between $20 and $100.

An insider said, “[They] have already put their heads together, chatting about potential joint consumer product marketing ideas they could pursue. Kim is increasingly using ‘Kimye’ to describe them,” an insider said. “I’m beginning to think she’s hoping it becomes something like ‘Brangelina’.”

It’s not a totally far-fetched idea when you remember you’re dealing with the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already making a killing on their own products. However, with Kris Jenner as their ringleader, they’ll make even more money off consumers.

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