Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hooking Up at Fashion Week

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It has been rumored that Kim Kardashian once tried to date Kanye West, but their busy schedules got in the way of a hot romance. But you don’t need an open schedule to get hot and heavy at an event and that is reportedly what Kim and Kanye did. Kim was invited to Kanye’s runway show at Paris Fashion Week and she sat front row, sporting all Kanye west clothing, shoes and accessories. Now, a source that saw the couple backstage is dishing on what went on when the cameras were done taking pictures of Kim in front row.

“Backstage, they were really touchy-feely, and she was blatantly giving him bedroom eyes,” an insider tells OK! magazine. “Later, they secretly met for drinks at his hotel room.” Kim Kardashian keeps denying that they have anything going on, but the more they hang out without dishing out about it, the more people think they are hooking up. “She tries to say they’re just friends, but no one is fooled,” says the insider. “Whenever she talks about him, she gets this Cheshire Cat grin on her face and then quickly changes the subject.”

Kim does hang out with many people, but Khloe’s recent statement about her sister and Kanye didn’t exactly put rumors to rest. “I do think they might have that feeling for each other; I just don’t think it’s worked timing-wise,” Khloe recently said in an interview. But it seems that Kim has the time to travel to Paris to sit through a 10-minute show, so what better time to hook up than now?

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