Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Katy Perry and John Mayer: Who’s More Annoying?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share quite a few similarities with their lighter skin-toned doppelg√ɬ§nger couple, Katy Perry and John Mayer. Both couples feature incredibly annoying divas who crave the spotlight and are constantly up on all the latest fashions. And then there’s Kim and Katy.

Truthfully, there is not much to like about either romantic pairing. Both are constantly in the news, for such headline worthy events as “hitting the town” or swiping at a paparazzi’s camera, but what is one really to make to any of the four individuals involved, who combine like Megatron to form one of the least likeable foursomes in the history of Holly-weird?

To examine the men in these relationships, Mayer is known to be a serial dater/Lothario with an unmistakable talent on guitar, yet the producer of tunes that make you sort of cringe upon thinking back on the sap you were in grade school when hearing them now on Easy 101. West is infamous for snatching Taylor Swift’s Grammy out of her hands, (much like Mayer stole her innocence), and for generally being an insufferable, egotistical bore, whose been known to produce a hot track or two. Yes, both are probably wealthy as gods, but deities they are not. While Mayer’s controversial Rolling Stone interview a few years probably did not give him much cred in the hip hop community, wouldn’t he and the man who calls himself Yeezy be the perfect friends? They are both 35, with Mayer having turned just two days ago, and both are in Calabasas quite a lot with their pampered-living girlfriends. Perhaps they could go to the spa or fashion boutiques together?

As for said girlfriends, if you’re reading a celebrity news blog, you are already undoubtedly well-acquainted with Kim and Katy’s antics. Kim Kardashian became famous for a sex tape with Ray-J back in 2003 and has somehow managed to stay relevant without a discernible talent. Perry, on the other hand, although a prime representative of the auto-tune generation of pop music (much like West), actually has a talent for producing pop hits and is a pretty solid performer. Thus, one has to say that she is the most likeable individual of the two duos, or at least, the least hateable.

It remains to be seen whether the two couples become friends, but there just seems far too many similarities among them to remain strangers for very long.

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