Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Outing Involved Screaming, Crying and Laughing?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to put all this Kris Humphries and Myla Sinanaj crazy drama behind them. What did they do? They screamed, cried and laughed — that’s what! Kimye and her sister Kendall Jenner had a ton of fun at Six Flags Magic Mountain. No doubt this trio had a blast, but in one hilarious photo that Kim K. posted via Twitter, they show the wide range of human emotion.

Apparently, Kim is not a very brave woman when it comes to riding roller coasters. She pretty much admitted it when she posted one particularly amusing photo to her millions of Twitter followers. The photo shows Kendall, Kim and Kanye all strapped in their seats on the Tatsu coaster. Kendall is screaming her brains out, Kim is most definitely crying, and Kanye? Oh, he’s laughing. Because really, terror is SO funny.

It really is an amusing photo — especially Kim Kardashian’s expression. She later tweeted, “Mannnn my crying face! LOL.” LOL indeed, Kim. This is probably not one of the photos with Kanye that you’ll want to frame (unless your man Kanye thinks your “crying face” is super sexy).

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