Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: The Couple That Lasers Together, Stays Together?

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Kim Kardashian had no qualms about telling Oprah Winfrey recently that she lasers all the hair from her body. Given that she has the kind of cash that monthly laser hair removal visits require, that’s not an issue. If it makes her feel great, then why not?

Now, it seems, Kimmy is getting Kanye West in on the act. She and Kanye were spotted leaving a Santa Monica, California, laser hair removal center together. Is Kanye West going for a little manscaping? There’s no real proof that Kanye’s having some hair removed, but why else would he go with Kim K. to her appointment?

Photos published in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper show the power couple strolling through the hair removal place. Kim Kardashian looks relaxed and casual and Kanye West looks slightly uptight. It’s hard to blame him, especially if he’s decided to have a few hairs zapped as well. Ouch!

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