Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush get into fight at wedding

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It can be a sticky situation when attending a party and an ex is also invited. Kim Kardashian is no stranger to these awkward situations. In fact, she was just at a wedding – the bride was her friend, and the groom? A teammate of Reggie Bush!

It’s being reported that at the wedding, which occurred a little over a month ago, Kimmy K and her ex, Bush, got into a fight. Said fight left them both needing the assistance of bodyguards. Said bodyguards called separate taxis to take Kardashian and Bush home around 1AM (TMZ)! Talk about party poopers!

“Reggie started chatting up Kim about working things out and getting back together — totally understandable. But you know how wedding receptions go — lots of booze. Sources tell us the convo got more and more heated and Reggie got more and more ‘aggressive due to drunkenness.’ We’re told it never got physical, b07 August 2010 - Beverly Hills, CA - Kim Kardashian. Comcast Entertainment Group TCA Cocktail Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMediaut eventually bodyguards stepped in to ‘pull Reggie away from Kim'” (TMZ).

It’s unclear how the conversation actually escalated, as Kardashian was dating new beau Austin Miles at the time. Fans of Kimmy K really liked her and Bush together and thought that they made a cute couple. Now that it’s out in the open that Kardashian is dating Miles, fans have sort of accepted it and moved on.

Do you feel bad for Reggie Bush?

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