Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Not Back Together!

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Despite reports that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were getting back together, the NFL baller says it simply isn’t true. When asked point-blank if he had rekindled his romance with the reality TV star, Reggie replied “no.”

Ouch! Reggie Bush looks cold, and unwillingly to talk in this new TMZ video, where he’s asked about his relationship status with Kim Kardashian. Reggie never did seem to like all the glitz, glamour, and fame that followed the Kardashian clan around, and some fans believe that’s part of why he and Kim split. (That, and he allegedly cheated on her!)

Even though Khloe Kardashian revealed that she loved “The Bush and The Tush” together, and that they were an “epic” couple, this reunion may not be happening after all.

Then again, Reggie may have been keeping it quiet, because Kim’s not ready to spill the beans about the reconciliation. She is still married to Kris Humphries after all. It seems that Kim Kardashian should have just married Reggie Bush in the first place, and saved herself all this divorce drama!

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