Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Photos Hit the Web: Is Yeezy Going To Be a Dad?

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Kim Kardashian pregnant? It seems that the reality star has been dropping hints about a potential baby and now photos have emerged that show Kimmy K with what could be a slight baby bump.

Are she and Kanye West going to be parents?

Although there’s no definite way to know if there really is a bay bump hidden under Kim’s dress, it sure looks like there is something there—possibly just extra weight.

Media Take Out seems to think that Kim is definitely expecting, without a doubt. Here’s what they have to say about the baby bump photos :

“With RATINGS oF this season of Kim’s reality show SLIPPING . . . you knew she was gonna do SOMETHING to get people watching again. And that SOMETHING . . . appears to be a BABY!!! Kim Kardashian was out yesterday showing a CLEAR BELLY BULGE. So far she’s NOT CONFIRMING her pregnancy . . . but you know Kim . . . she ain’t confirming ISH unless it’s a COVER STORY and she’s getting PAID OFF OF IT!!!”

Obviously, Kim is a creative business woman and will use anything and everything to get herself into the public eye, so if she is expecting you can almost guarantee a cover story on some tabloid!

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