Kim Kardashian Being Spoiled by Kanye To Accept Marriage Proposal?

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It is no secret that Kim Kardashian enjoys materialistic things, so it isn’t hard for Kanye to win her over. He just has to spoil her rotten with everything luxurious, including bling, clothes and whatever she needs. Of course, the couple has been jet-setting around the world during their now 73-day relationship and they are still really happy to be together. This new relationship is much different than Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries, as Kim and Kanye continue to be in the honeymoon phase. And they have been around the world together, including Paris, Ireland, London and Toronto.

Although Kim has her own money, Kanye has been spoiling her rotten. So, what is his goal? What does he want? Well, he doesn’t want anything, except make Kim Kardashian feel like a princess. That’s more than Kris Humphries did and surely, Kim Kardashian is very appreciative. He has won her over, so he is already on to the next challenge. When Kris Humphries asked Bruce Jenner to Kim’s hand on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bruce was shocked. He didn’t see it coming. And perhaps Kanye doesn’t want to bring such a bombshell on Kim’s mother and Bruce.

So, what better way than to butter them up as well? He may not be sending them cars, diamonds or designer handbags, but a little gesture was made on July fourth. He apparently sent flowers and a bottle of Cristal to Kris Jenner and Bruce on the Fourth of July. How nice of him. It sounds like he is getting ready to marry the entire family sooner rather than later.

Do you think he is getting ready to pop the question? Or are they just dating and having fun for now, with the future being unknown for the couple?

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