Kim Kardashian Being Told to Lose Weight by Controlling Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian has already been forced to change her entire wardrobe by boyfriend Kanye West, and now he’s working on getting his girlfriend to undergo a complete image overhaul with an extreme diet and a Kate Middleton makeover.

According to OK! Magazine, Kanye isn’t the biggest fan of Kim’s curves—he allegedly wants the reality show star to lose 20 pounds by following Beyonce’s strict diet of “lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.” This is allegedly because the rapper wants his girlfriend to be able to fit into sample sizes so that she can be the face of his new clothing line.

But instead of making Kim change herself, why not develop a line aimed at curvier women like Kim? Most gals aren’t stick-thin supermodels, after all. Yeezy might actually sell more clothes if he focused on appealing to an average-sized clientele.

But Kanye West doesn’t just want Kim Kardashian to change her clothes and her weight—he’s also hoping to get her to change the way she does her hair and makeup. According to NOW Magazine, Yeezy is trying to get Kim to tone down her caked-on war paint and to style her hair more like Kate Middleton. So apparently Kanye wants to My Fair Lady Kim by transforming her from a trashy former sex tape star into a sophisticated fashionista.

Unfortunately it seems like Yeezy might just be using Kim—he’s treated her like an art project while turning her into a walking advertisement for his women’s clothing line. Kanye knows that Kim has millions of young female fans who want to be just like her, so if they start buying his clothes, it will make him look like a success—Yeezy’s runway debut was panned by critics last year, so he’s out to prove to everyone that he’s not a failure as a fashion designer.

Hopefully Kim doesn’t cave in to Kanye’s demands to change herself—if he really loves her, then why would he be trying to turn her into Kate Middleton, Beyonce, or a runway model? But perhaps Kim is okay with being told what to do since she’s been following her mom’s orders her entire life.

If she does choose to listen to Yeezy, perhaps she and Lady Gaga can work on losing weight together. Kim’s fellow fur lover recently said that she wants to lose some weight after packing on 25 pounds, so perhaps Kanye can design some matching mink-lined sweatpants and leather sports bras for Kim and Lady Gaga to work out in together.

So do you think that Kim needs to diet just so she can fit into certain clothes?

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