Kim Kardashian Bikini Tweet: Two Better than One?

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Are two Kim Kardashian’s better than one? This seems to be an odd question until you consider a recent Twitter post from Kim. Yep, Ms. Kardashian would like everyone to take a good look at her… all both of her.

So, it seems that one picture of Kim in a white bikini isn’t good enough. No, Kardashian had to give herself the old mirror image treatment. Yep, fans will love the sexy socialite in a skimpy bikini. Others will look at this picture and think they are seeing double.

Of course Kim Kardashian added a little text with a the photo saying: “Double trouble.”

Double trouble, eh? Is Kim actually admitting that she is trouble in the first place? Look, it isn’t as if she isn’t trying to run soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries through the meat grinder following their 72-day marriage.

Still, Kim exudes plenty of confidence to keep posting half-naked pictures of herself on Twitter. Of course, when regular people do that, it may get their profile flagged for inappropriate images. Still, this is Ms. Kardashian, she can do what she pleases… times two.

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