Kim Kardashian, Bruce Jenner at War Over Kanye West!

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Kim Kardashian is 31 and has been divorced once, with another divorce still pending. And according to stepdad Bruce Jenner, her relationship with Kanye West won’t turn out any better.

According to The National Enquirer, Bruce has finally stated the obvious and told Kim that she’s “making a stupid mistake” by dating Kanye.

“Bruce didn’t like Kanye from the start,” a “family pal” tells the mag. “He thinks he’s crass — and disrespectful!”

But Bruce didn’t really speak up about his doubts until Kanye recently debuted his tribute to Kim, “Perfect Bitch” — and then “Bruce blew sky-high”! So Kris Jenner isn’t the only one in the family who’s angry about “Perfect B*tch”.

“[Bruce] told Kim she’d better take a serious look at all her failed relationships — and figure out why she keeps falling for the wrong type of guy,” The Enquirer‘s snitch says. “Bruce said, ‘You’re never going to be in a successful relationship if you keep going out with men like Kanye!'”

Kim, who was obviously “outraged,” yelled at her stepdad and then “stormed out of her parents’ home — and she’s stopped speaking to Bruce.” The truth hurts!

Kim’s never going to listen to Bruce, but she should. Whereas Kris only cares about money, ratings and publicity and encourages her kids to do whatever it takes to keep the family in the spotlight — including sham quickie marriages — Bruce seems like he just wants his stepchildren to be happy. He has admitted that he had doubts about Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries and has also said that he questions his stepdaughters’ taste in men. And he’s got a point that Kim is never going to have a healthy relationship until she gets help for her own issues first. She’s obviously a narcissist who has communication issues, and it’s been speculated that she fears both commitment and intimacy. But she probably doesn’t think she has any problems and she definitely won’t seek help, since she complained on the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she doesn’t want to talk to a stranger about her issues. But considering Kimye is probably just an epic publicity stunt, she might not have to worry about her problems affecting a “real” relationship for a while.

What do you think? Is Bruce Jenner right about Kanye West? Does Kim Kardashian need therapy? Sound off in the comments!

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