Kim Kardashian Caught with Hickey After Sleepover with Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian recently spent the night with Kanye West at his lavish New York City apartment and while she isn’t denying that something happened, tabloids were quick to make the assumption that the couple had sex after a classy dinner date at Serafina and a stop at the local movie theatre to see The Hunger Games. But yesterday, a photographer snapped a picture of Kim and it appears she has what looks like a hickey on her neck. Perhaps things did go as far between she and Kanye as the tabloids are assuming.

Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Kim and Kanye hooked up. The two have shown sexual tension for months and he just admitted he loved her in his new song. Perhaps she is falling in love with the singer, who just bashed her ex-husband publicly in the song, threatening him that he could get Kris fired.

If Kim Kardashian got the hickey from Kanye, would she want people to know about the hickey? In the picture, she isn’t making an effort to hide it. With all of the makeup she usually wears, it could easily have been covered. Maybe she wanted Kris to see it as a slap in the face. Yes, coming across as an easy chick is a slap in the face—how could Kim sink so low? Perhaps she wants people to know about the relationship and in a recent interview on the Today Show, she didn’t deny dating Kanye. In fact, she said she was willing to go wherever the future took her. Well if a hickey resulted from some hot sex, then the future can only get hotter for Kim and Kanye.

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